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Launch Your Vacation in Nassau Bay, Texas

NASA Space RocketBordering Johnson Space Center, the City of Nassau Bay, Texas, is a community based on technology and innovation. Opportunities are endless. We're just a half-hour from the Gulf of Mexico, 20 minutes from downtown Houston, and across the street from outer space.

BirdNassau Bay sits right on beautiful Clear Lake, in the heart of America's Human Space Flight Program, directly across from NASA's Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston. The city of Nassau Bay has over 2,500 visitors every day. Nassau Bay is accessible by air from anywhere in the world through major airports minutes away.

Nassau Bay has always been at the center of the American Space Program. The city was originally built to accommodate the Manned Spacecraft Center (now known as the Johnson Space Center) & provide housing and other quality of life amenities to astronauts, space professionals & their families. More than sixty Nassau Bay residents have visited space, and a few have even walked on the moon.

Nassau Bay has numerous marinas with thousands of pleasure boats docked along our waterfront in addition to yacht clubs, piers and boat ramps. Our four area hotels offer a variety of accommodations with over 600 rooms.

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Contact Information:

Nassau Bay, Texas

Nassau Bay, Texas City Offices
1800 NASA Parkway
Nassau Bay, TX 77058
Phone: 281-333-4211
Fax: 281-333-2301


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