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Waco, Texas

Waco's Suspension Bridge provided the only wagon-size passage over the Brazos River for the Chisholm Trail.
Waco, Texas- Gateway to Texas History. Visit Waco for 18 Attractions.
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Listen to the river and wait for the magic...

Waco, Texas Suspension BridgeThe Waco Indians settled on the banks of the Brazos River in the late 1700's and believed these spring-fed waters held the magical protection of the Indian spirit, Woman Having Powers in the Water. From this peaceful tribe, we take our name, and our love of lore and legend.

Some 50 years later, entrepreneurs, cowboys, farmers and ranchers began streaming into the area to seek their fortune. With the building of the Suspension Bridge in 1870, settlers could finally cross the mighty Brazos River without fearing for their lives, and Waco became the gateway for settlers looking to move into new lands in South and West Texas.

The bold result for Waco visitors includes not only colorful history but today's panorama of parks, paths, courses and waterways claimed and designed for the physical senses.

Let our rivers with their magical powers entice you to experience our past and share in the soul of our city.

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Waco Convention and Visitors Bureau
P.O. Box 2570
Waco, Texas 76702-2570
Phone: (254) 750-8696 or
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